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    We’ve been texting for 2 weeks.
    Met on tinder.
    He hasn’t text since Friday but has snapchatted and had conversations through there.
    Heard nothing today so I snapchatted him..
    But no mention of going on a date or anything ..not that fussed?

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    Hi Alice, im curious what are the topics on your convo with this guy?

    No mention of meeting up since you guys started chatting? If so then he has low to zero interest. Tinder should only be an introductory platform into going out in a face to face meeting.

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    Just random conversations about work and what we do in our spare time but nothing about meeting up

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    If he isn’t wanting to meet you. No he isn’t interested.

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    What’s been the point of texting?
    What a total waste of my time
    He hasn’t really spoke the last two days either

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    For some guys that’s all they are looking for a texting buddy. When the girl texts or replies that gives a boost to their ego. So right now all you are – an ego boosting texting buddy.

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    Have you two discussed meeting up in person?

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    He has said if we go on a date we should go to this bbq place but nothing since.
    He’s just snapchatted me a pic of him at work ..not very exciting

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    Look up “e-tethering”. He’s just bored and going through his line up.

    First, stop giving out so much darn information before you meet! There is no mystery here, he’s gotten all your info. for free so doesn’t have to waste his time or $$$ on you to get it.

    Second, if a man doesn’t set a date within a few interactions..drop him so he can waste the time of others while your out actually dating.

    Third, first meet up should be short and in public, like a cup of coffee. You pretty much know within a short time if there someone you want to see again, and only if he ASKS you out again should you say ye, IF you like him of course. Just know that men try to spare a ladies feelings and will tether you hoping you fade away so if another date isn’t planned within a few days, then delete him from your phone.

    Lastly, each date should be easy and breezy while giving out a little bit more info. but not too much…like slowly peeling away an onion and when you spot some red flags (like this guy)—heed them and bow out pronto!

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