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    After a very fun but intense few months a guy I was dating broke it off with me, there was a lot of things going on from him and I guess starting a new relationship was not high up there. He always said he felt confused he if thought of me as a friend or a lover. Since then we remained ‘friends’ but he was keeping me at arms length and it was really one sided (me lol) I ended up walking away with NC for a month and then just casual contact for my own sanity (we have mutual friends).

    Fast forward 8 months later, I’ve completely changed my life for the better, which has meant I’ve not been around him that much. All of a sudden he’s taking an interest in what I’m doing, what the status of my relationships with certain men are, he’s making an effort contacting me and now is asking me if I would help him with a project he’s working on?

    Are these signs? Or has he just got to a point where’s he’s comfortable with me as a friend?? I’m concerned as I’m in a great place and just don’t want to miss out as he’s a great guy, but then I also don’t want to be stupid if it is just friendly.


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    I think you should reverse your thinking. HE is the one who should be wondering whether he has a shot (assuming that he’s being romantic not just friendly). He is the one who dumped you. Please don’t sell yourself short and get all excited and needy. Act very cool and detached and let him work very hard to get you interested given your history.
    Don’t over analyze things. A man who likes you and wants to concretize things will let you know very clearly. When he does not, he is just not into you. Stay strong girl!

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    Unless you are the only one on earth with the skills to help his project-I think he may be missing you,possibly as more than friends. I would just casually ask him-” Why are you catching up with me now-are you missing me as a friend,or is their more o it? Then see what he says-and be clear ( to yourself first and then him) about what you want out of a re-connection,if he suggests this. I think if you just speak up,you will have nothing to lose and will gain clarity. Good luck.

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    Be cool and do not assume anything. You stated you are in a good place and this happened when you went NC.

    Men are like this, it’s the push pull at play here. He sees that you are no longer focused on him and he may just be wondering if you still have feeling for him.

    My suggestion would be to stay away from this guy unless he comes out clearly and tell you he is interested in you and want to be more than a friend.

    If you pick it up where you left off without making sure you know where you stand you will get suckered in again only for him to say he is still confused.

    I hate when men do that without any clear intentions of what they really want. Save yourself and don’t let him confuse you

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