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    So as y’all know I am married and I have a LDR bf.

    I’m thinking about adding another bf and want to know your thoughts on dating a convict.

    This prisoner in San Quentin, asked me to be fb friends. I’ll call him jack. I know , I know… and yes we sexted in the first web chat we had, now he wants us to be exclusive.

    The way I see it, the pluses are:
    – u always know where he is and what his schedule is
    – he has plenty of time to use the gym and keep in great shape
    – dates can be consistent since visiting hours never change
    – if he tries to get controlling or rough with me, I can just call a guard
    – I can write off the miles I use to travel to him as a tax credit, as long as I note I’m a volunteer counselor or something

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    He is probably seeing other women. Can you handle the fact that multiple other women are also getting this tax write-off?

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    Excellent question! I asked him and he said he isn’t talking to anyone else!! Just me! I trust him 100 percent!
    He has really opened up to me about his life and wants me to meet his mother, too! So I think that means he is serious.

    I was worried that whenever we take pictures together that he will always be wearing the same outfit.

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    I’m sorry to inform you that Jack passed away today right after his wedding at the chapel.

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    Alia! No! But how could he have gotten married while he was still talking to me? I offered a threesome and even a six some with his prison buddies. I’m devastated! Yeah I know that we haven’t talked for long but we had a real connection and bond.

    Would it be wrong to tell his wife about us? I could send her all the messages we exchanged. And the snapchats where he sent me dick pics.

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    wow cool..you’re his new bitch
    congrats L

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    LOL if you think he wasn’t already having sixsomes with his prison buddies. You were just an afterthought. You should probably see other people (not including your husband and LDR). Maybe a man who only texts you after 10PM?

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    Lovely ladies are running out of things to do on Friday night … bring on the party

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    I know!! Anon! Well my hubby is out with his gf this weekend. And now I’m just devastated about the jack news.

    After ten calls might work. But it would be easier if he texted me all day at work. I hate my job and the distraction would be great. I heard that if a man is really into you he will text non stop and never take longer than a minute to respond to your text.

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    L,I have learned on here that healthy,happy people and relationships are dull and offer no drama or excitement. So,try these tricks to be happily miserable: Constantly text him as well-triple texting with photos of your food or pets is good-after all,it is all about you! Cry if you break a nail and phone your boyfriend at work and tell him what happened,so he will get you flowers and take you out for dinner.If he doesn’t treat that as the crisis it is,you can cheat on him with a married man. Start LDR with guys in countries as far away from you as possible and then worry about whether they are cheating with their ex or too busy with their kids from 5 different mommas,to have time to meet you next year. Sleep with a guy within 10 minutes of meeting,just to give yourself enough anxiety to drag the “relationship” out for 2 weeks of him not calling,texting or asking you to send him nude selfies. Then,when he calls at 2:00 in the morning,make sure you are really drunk and go to his place for sex. Remember to make him breakfast and call him 4 or 5 times at work. I want you to be as wretchedly happy as you can be,so I hope you like my advice! Complain to me if you don’t and I will keep explaining over and over and over and over……

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    You are sooo right, like how could a man who really likes me just up and die but then marry a total stranger? Like I am like totally like devastated and like appalled. Like why would a guy like lead you on like this? Like I know dudes can do that but like why? Guys confuse me.. why say you want a relationship and then act like this. Like what the hell? Like thanks for your kind like thoughts . Xxxx

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    Like,You are welcome. Here is another tip-although there are no answers to your “why” questions, ( except that he may be an a-hole and you are just plain dense)keep asking them to all your friends and random people at malls, on the bus, in the denist’s office,at family funerals, etc. The more you seek an answer to the unknowable, the more you refuse to accept that there is no answer, and to just let go-the more miserably bad you will feel and of course,based on actions and results,that will make you miserably happy! Got it?

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    I dig that.

    Wow.. so eye opening,

    Your are right.. maybe I should just be happy with the two men I have, you have really opened my eyes and I am processing all these responses. Xxx

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    Alia, I was just going to write the same thing! I also wanted to add that his profile on a dating app had been reactivated immediately after he died. You should tell his wife L, because apparently he’s seeking some LDRs from heaven.

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    Oh sho.. so wise are you.
    Yes, I saw th whole memorial online, he was buried in an orange jump suit. But hey.l that makes me so much more endeared to him.

    I want to share my grief with the wife.. but will she be intimidated by my beauty?

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    Too funny!

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    L I know you’re grieving but really I think it’s time to move on. You brought up some very good reasons to be with a guy in prison, so how about getting to know his friends who were going to be part of the six some? Maybe one of those is your Mr Right?

    Make sure you find out his star sign though. Evidently that’s really important.

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    L,I would not worry about that-she is blind, and even if she could see,it is possible you are not as beautiful as you pretend to be. Or,you could ugly yourself up,so more people will actually talk to you,like you are a real person and not a beauty queen. Remember also,that you are short-don’t go acting like you are 5 feet tall or something. Stick with the two guys you got and quit looking for more trouble-I bet you are miserably -happy enough already. lol

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    You gals are right. Now that I think back he said I was voluptuous. Was that mean or what? I’m just under five feet tall so that would make me look like an anemic blue berry.

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    AKA-The new bitch

    Its true. Jack died at the chapel after our wedding,literally ghosting all of us — permenantly.
    I’m pregnant and greiving. The only consulation is thst his brother, Junior, has been my rock through all of this.
    Question- the baby might be Junior’s (crazy 3-some situation). How do I break this to my ex fiance (long story, we broke up RIGHT before my wedding to Jack) without causing too mich drama?

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    My heart goes out to you. I suggest you send a text telling him it’s over… but if he wants to know why, he has to travel 3 hours and you will tell him in person what your issues are. That way you will know if your ex is really into you.

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    L, why don’t you follow your dead husband by putting a rope around your neck and rot in hell while posting these hilarious thread because you get so bored while the devils rape you hard.

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    Oh wow, Cece
    What a shame. Someone didn’t love you when you were a child,

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    Oh that’s a complete example of a defense mechanism called Projection. Very smart of you. Were you loved before? By your husband? (Maybe soon to be ex when he knew you post stuff like that here? :))))) Are you a good mother or a failure? Because you’re lonely bipolar brain is always in here giving the most f*cked up hilarious senseless funny comments. You probably have the perfect real life because you give the best thought-provoking comments/posts here. You must need to get laid, get your husband to f*ck your brains out (well, if you have one? Haha).

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    You need to lay off the hallucinogenics. Godspeed xxx

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