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    I’ve been talking to this guy for a couple months online. We connected on so many different levels. It got to where he knew what was on my mind and would call or text it seemed just at the right time if I was having a bad day. He was recently deployed and like me expressed how much he missed me and couldn’t wait to get home to see me. He got home a day early and running on no sleep for almost 24 hrs surprised me and drive 3 hrs to meet me at a concert I was attending with my friends. We had an awesome time and it felt like we had been together forever. Later that night we had a pretty intense conversation brought up by him, about what I wanted. I didn’t wanna tell him what I felt cause I didn’t wanna scare him off and I wanted to take this one slow but he wouldn’t stop. So I only told him I wanted him, didnt wanna see anyone else but wanted to take it slow. He was gonna stay at my house because it was closer and we had been drinking. And yes, we ended up sleeping together. I kind of feel like he may have backed off some now but when I think about it the only proof I have is my negative way of thinking. He is special ops in the armed forces and just got back so I know he has stuff to do and a lot on his mind, along with his son just moving 3 states away and he’s going through a divorce from a really bad marriage ( he’s been seperated almost 2 yrs). And I know this might sound silly but I posted a picture of us on my Facebook page and he hasn’t liked it. Up until now he’s been all over my page posting comments and liking everything. Ive also posted things on his and hes commented back and forth so I dont feel like hes hiding anything. I’m so confused. Am I doomed or just a dork?

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    miss independent

    Just give it time

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    Angel A

    Sounds like he has a very stressful job and also having personal issues with the divorce going through, men are quiet and keep stuff to themselves.

    Just don’t hassle him or text him asking for reassurance.
    if you wait it out he will more than likely appreciate you more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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