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    Alberta girl

    I know this sounds very stupid and dumb. But here it goes.

    He took me out for lunch one day at the cheap vietnamese cuisine place in town. I told him I wanted the beef noodle soup to share for me and my daughter size medium.

    He made the decision to get the large size and then he wanted share for the three of us. Even the waitress was looking at him weird. Like really… you ordered something for $9 and asked for 3 bowls, cost us more money to wash the three bowls then the $9 business from you itself.
    He ate most of it.

    Then when it comes to paying time, he was like “so who’s turn it is for lunch today”. I just gave him the dirtiest look ever…..

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    Ugh. Lose this one’s number and forget him.There are decent men who don’t act this way.

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    I would have stopped the waitress and ordered a second bowl of soup.

    Then I would have told him it was his turn to pay.

    I would have dropped him like a stone.

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    You took your daughter on a first date?

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    Miss Missy

    Oh my gosh! What a sad sorry tale that “date” is! What a loser! A tight loser! A sad, sorry loser! Oh I’m feeling sorry for this guy! He clearly has no idea! You know what to do, don’t even consider seeing this person again! It’ll make a funny story one day to tell, once you’re over it of course!

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    That’s pretty crazy :/, what a cheap person.

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    Alberta girl

    It wasn’t a first date! It was more like 10th date, something like that.
    He took me to mr Mike with his friends. We had to share a meal then too. Well that one I don’t blame him as much. It was like $40per steak meal.
    Everywhere else we go that he has to pay, he keeps it under $50 for sure and always look at me when he has to pay.

    Yes really. There are guys that cheap out there. These guys should really eat butter with bread at home to save up money so they can afford to date.

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    Alberta girl,
    he may be cheap, he may be strapped for cash

    10 dates, how many times he paid and you paid? can you recall? how is your relationship other than money? Is he doing something for you?

    people here drip-feed, and they are unhappy with the generic answers… you know what? tell the whole story, not one isolated example, and you will maybe get a genuine answer, other than: dump his cheap ass

    if you are surprised he is keeping it under 50 bucks, and you want him to take you to the Ivy, then you are not compatible, so yes, then dump his ass, because you are not compatible, not because he is cheap

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    Maybe he is broke…..

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    Have you never offered to pay at least your half in at least some of the latter of the ten dates? Maybe this guy felt like he was being taken for a ride?

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    I agree with pandora. What advice are you looking for?

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    Alberta girl

    I have paid. Lots of times. Price or amount doesn’t matter. But he was basically standing right beside my purse to wait for my money and he took it to pay but never give me change.

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    Xoxo girl

    Wtf is wrong with guys these days!?
    Come on get a job and find money before you date.
    I think women are just too good for guys these days

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    Hey everyone, no IVY in Alberta world-I doubt she is a gold digger-just a nice Alberta woman ,looking to find a decent gentleman. Believe me-they are far and few around here. I know, because I am an Alberta Girl too. He sounds like an idiot. He is cheap and overrides your/her wishes. NEXT…

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    I’m new to this site, and so far 3 of 6 threads I read was about women expecting the man to pay for everything, and being advised to dump his cheap ass immediately. Is this all women on this site is after? A free meal? 10 Dates in. 6 Months in. As long as the man pays he’s a keeper. If not, get rid of him asap….

    My man is very poor because he’s starting his own company. He hardly contributes financially. I do 90% of that as I’m gainfully employed. However, he is the most wonderful man I ever met, he takes care of me physically and emotionally. He helps me raise my kids. He sees me through my most stressful events. I can go on for ages….

    My point is, stop stressing about whether he pays for dates. If you know he’s struggling financially, go for a walk in the park or sit on the couch and watch a movie. But don’t base whether he’s worthy of you on if he pays for dates. There’s more to men than that

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    Henriette are you even being serious? This is not about expecting men to pay for “everything”. A 9 dollar meal is not everything. This is about some courtesy. About treating a woman in some ways. This is not about money at all. But the amount is so ridiculously low that it is hard to believe someone would be cheap about it. Let alone thinking he is being taken for a ride. OMG what a ride! LOL

    But I agree with L it is very surprising that someone would take their daughter on a date.

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    Honey, are there any redeeming features about this guy? Do you love each other? If you want to work on this relationship, then there needs to be a talk about financial issues.

    It’s either feast or famine considering the 2 places you mentioned…one low end price and the other high-end. Smitty’s is on the medium scale if you have one where you are. Mr. Mike has specials with 1/2 price appetizers on Thursday nights where we live. I had the shrimp and it was very good and filling, like a regular meal.

    Maybe pay your share and he pays his when you go out. I didn’t know there were cheap men in Alberta. Lol.

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    Been there Done that

    1) Why are you still dating this guy?
    2) You’ve a daughter, if you continue to be with him, move in or get married to him. He will make a big deal out of your daughter’s expenses. Yes he is that cheap!
    3) If you are paying why didn’t you order your own bowl? I would’ve told the waiter please make it two medium bowls. Who give a crap about 20 dollar dinner.
    4) If you want to continue seeing him I would make a rule. We will split the cost of the food. I will pay my half you pay yours.
    5) If he is making you share the food in front of his friends. He has no class!

    It is not about men paying for meals. It is about who’s turn it is when you very well know the bill is only 10 bucks and you ate most of it. My goodness why on earth would you go on 10 dates with him even. Remember you have a daughter and by keeping this man in your life, you are showing her bad examples of men.

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    The topic opener already dumped him. That is what the title said: broke up over 9.90 meal!!! I think they are long done.

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    Yes emma, i am dead serious. I attach value to love, affection, quality time spent with me, etc. I attach value to how a man loves and adores me and how he makes me feel when i’m around. That is how i expect a man to treat me. Any clown can spend money on me. Not many men can make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. I would never break up with a keeper because he cant afford yo spend money on me which takes no investment or effort to start with

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    10th date? Why don’t you just order and buy your own bowl then. It’s quite odd to end up in a situation like that. You have your own free will to make decisions and order what you want. And pay out of your own pocket too.

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    You already broke up with him. It wouldn’t have worked out in the end. You were already annoyed with him. Your spending habits are too different. Either do 50/50 or you pay more. It’s the 21st century. It’s ok for a lady to pay her way. If not find a guy who will pay for you majority of the time. If you enjoy quality time with him then money shouldn’t matter. It’s actually clouding your judgement in getting to know him. Other options are to do things where it doesn’t cost money. Tons of fun and romantic things to do on a budget. Just have to be creative.

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    Alberta girl.

    First off, I’m a single mom non working.
    2nd: he told me he makes over $200k a year and he is cheap for a $9.90 meal.
    You know what, it is cheaper than McDonald’s meal.
    I can’t tolerate a guy that can’t even take me out to McDonald’s level meal.
    He is just plain cheap and don’t know how to date a lady and show gentleman characteristics.
    I’m not greedy but it is the THOUGHT that counts.

    What is this, expecting me to share a bowl of soup.

    Enough said, guys, if you can’t afford to take a lady out, maybe you should date. Please go home and lock yourself in your room and cover yourself in your blanket and don’t come out !

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    Henriette I’m assuming the problem is meaness in this situation. A man can make you feel wonderful and do so much, money is irrelevant. But when someone is mean it’s different.

    I moved in with my ex and he was mean. He’s had problems in his business and I worked every weekend free to help him. When I got into financial issues, I’d say I couldn’t go out and he’d go without me. He never offered to pay for me and would rather not spend the evening with me, leaving me alone, than spend money. He had the money.

    That’s the difference with your man. He doesn’t have the money. Mine did (partly because I’d done so much work for him!) But still he wouldn’t spend it on me. We were living together and I thought we were partners. He was mean in other ways too.

    Presumably when your man’s business takes off, he’ll contribute more. Mine didn’t. I gave him so much and he wouldn’t even buy me one drink in a pub.

    I think Alberta Girl has a mean man on her hands.

    I agree money isn’t important. But the point is, it is important for a mean man. Even if he has it, he’s not going to spend it on anyone but himself. It’s more important for him to get a free meal than make his woman happy.

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