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    i’m just wondering and want your ladies thoughts on how important is it to be PHYSICALLYY attracted to your partner?

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    VERY. That doesn’t mean i’m superficial– I acutally have been attracted to some very unconventionally handsome men. But I have to want to jump their bones. YUP!!

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    Again-what Maria the O said-100%.

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    does attraction ever fade or change from day to day?

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    Only on bad hair days.

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    It depends on what attracts you. If it is physical as people age the attraction will lessen. If it is emotional it can grow stronger.

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    I guy has to be intelligent and worldly for me to be attracted.

    To me Tommy Lee Jones is the sexiest mofo ever

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    Intelligent, worldly and funny=sexy

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    What do you mean by worldly?

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    People make remarks that my Bf is not as attractive as I am but I think we’re we’ll matched and he’s absolutely beautiful.

    So yes, it is so important that you have both comfort and excitement in a relationship. I once read there are 3 pillars in a relationship: love, Passion and friendship. The article started a relationship van be successful with 2 out of 3 but I personally only look for a relationship​that has all three.
    Not sure if a relationship where you’re not physically attracted to one another Will ever have real Passion.

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    You need attraction, but if there is a strong enough emotional connection, a physical connection can grow over time. I have seen it before. The reverse is less likely. That said, I certainty wouldn’t go and marry someone I am no yet physically attracted to. For a life partner emotional attraction is more important, because looks will always fade with age.

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    Money, confident, handsome, clean, tall, muscular,
    wear suit & tie :)

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    Sounds like my husband. He’s not overly muscular as in bodybuilders. That would turn me off. He does have a. Beautiful body…. well proportioned, slim with broad shoulders. And he is ruggedly handsome. He is intelligent loving and loyal.

    He’s not perfect but he’s perfect for me. ❤️

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    To me, attraction is more personality than it is looks.

    I’ve met men and found them unattractive but decided to give them a chance anyway and found them attractive once I got to know him. At the end of the day the packaging doesn’t matter…it’s what they got inside.

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    When we first met, I was not initially attracted to him even though he was good-looking, successful and wealthy.

    In only a matter of days I started having deep feelings for him. I wanted to ignore those feelings and told him we should date others. But that didn’t happen because very shortly after telling him that, I knew he was the man I wanted to spend my life with.

    Good looks, success, wealth…those are external things..they are nice but not important.

    Its the PERSON, the one you fall in love with… and who loves you…that is important.

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    And yes I was wildly attracted to him in a phyical sense and still am. It’s mutual attraction and it’s not only physical but emotional and spiritual.

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