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The 7 Types of Non-BFs

There are the types of people in the world who are quick to jump into calling someone their boyfriend/girlfriend after a few dates. Then there are the types of people in the world (like me) who never know how many dates it will take for it to be appropriate to call someone your boyfriend (or girlfriend) … even after you’ve had “the exclusivity talk.”

I’m dating this guy who is basically my boyfriend, but he is my non-boyfriend — a term I used when we were non-exclusive, and a term I continue to use even though we are now exclusive.

Since I was introduced to the term by an old roommate, I’ve called every guy I’ve dated for more than a few dates, my “Non Boyfriend” (Non-BF). The term Non-BF is beautiful. Why? Because it can mean so many things.

Click over to The Frisky to find out the 7 Types of Non-BFs (the list is super dead on, and hysterical!)

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