Happy SPAlidays! Spotlight On Spa Week’s Holiday Deals post image

Happy SPAlidays! Spotlight On Spa Week’s Holiday Deals

Spa Week, the company that brings all of us tired, stressed out folk the most incredible holiday imaginable every Fall and Spring with $50 spa treatments for a week straight, just re-launched their blog last week: it’s now Spa Week Daily! I’ve been reading it, and it happens to be awesome. I laugh, I learn, and there are literally giveaways and deals nonstop. I had no idea that they had so much going on over there!

Just to give you an idea…right now they’re giving away a diamond necklace, a vacation , and tons of beauty products.

,… AND that they have amazing spa deals and travel package deals ALL the time. Who knew it was more than just spa stuff? And who knew the party lasted more than a week!? You learn something new every day.

Spa Week Daily’s editor, Michelle Joni (who has guest blogged at ANM before), is totally fearless – she recently took a video camera into her Brazilian Wax! Major props – if you’ve ever debated getting a wax down there, you’ve got to watch (don’t worry, it’s not ‘graphic’ if y0u know what I mean!)

Also- they’re having their big Holiday Gift Card sale – $100 Spa Week Gift Cards are on sale for only $80! Wrap up the delicious choice of a massage, pedicure, haircut, manicure, facial, acupuncture, wax, eyelash extensions a med-spa treatment… you name it.

The Gift Cards are redeemable all year long at spas all over North America. (Not just during our beloved Spa Week event.) The sale goes until December 22nd. ANM approved!

And if you’re in the mood for another video and have any friends like THIS… let me say no more, 13 YouTube Legends In Need Of The Spa.

Anyone else in the mood for a massage now? Hmmm….

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